Bitter Lemons

Bitterlemons is an important source for thoughtful indepth opinion from Jews/Israelis and Palestinians. is an internet
forum for in-depth discussion of Middle East issues by prominent
persons from the region or who deal with the region. It aspires to
engender greater understanding about the Middle East and to open a new
common space for world thinkers and political leaders to present their
viewpoints and initiatives on the region. Its audience is the
interested public and policymakers. is edited
by Ghassan Khatib and Yossi Alpher. Approximately once a month two
persons with different perspectives are invited to address a relevant
issue. Their interaction, over a period of time, generates a series of
exchanges of views. The edited result is published on this website and
emailed to subscribers. Bitterlemons-dialogue is committed to
presenting a range of opinions on the Middle East from a broad spectrum
of national interests and social concerns. No intelligent and
articulate views are considered taboo.