The Best of Bitterlemons: Five years of writings from Israel and Palestine.

bl.jpgEveryday there is a new nuance, and apparently, new facts on the ground. But in fact, a lot of it is an old story, and it’s easy to get jaded and stuck in the rut.
Bitter Lemons has issued of the best 800kb of readings that you can get–readings over the past 5 years from many people with a wide variety of Palestinian and Israeli perspectives.
“For 5 years, the bitterlemons family of internet publications has hosted a rare gathering of enemies and friends. From the neutral territory of the internet, our websites have sponsored important contemporary discussions on the Middle East peace process–crossing state boundaries, military lines and taboos–helping readers to understand the region’s complexities.
The Best of Bitterlemons: Five years of writings from Israel and Palestine is a compilation book of the most prescient and important articles published through the bitterlemons family of publications.
Creators and editors Yossi Alpher and Ghassan Khatib introducethis volume of 83 short essays and interviews touching on the most fundamental issues of the Palestinian-Israeli con?ict. Contributors include former prime ministers, negotiators, military leaders and journalists, hailing largely from Israel and Palestine. The articles selected for publication in The Best of Bitterlemons faithfully re?ect the diversity of authors and topics that characterizes bitterlemons, while telling the story of the Israeli-Palestinian con?ict in a unique and informative way.”
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