Truth Against Truth

truth.pngIsraelis have one truth, Palestinians have another. It’s time we get to know what the other side thinks.
Gush Shalom have a strong new brochure–read it and pass it on. It takes apart 120 ‘truths’
“The Arabs believed that the Jews had been implanted in Palestine by Western Imperialism, in order to subjugate the Arab world. The Zionists, on the other hand, were convinced that the Arab resistance to the Zionist enterprise was simply the consequence of the murderous nature of the Arabs and of Islam.
The Israeli public must recognize that besides all the
positive aspects of the Zionist enterprise, a terrible
injustice has been inflicted on the Palestinian people.
This requires a readiness to hear and understand the
other side’s position in this historical confict, in order
to bridge the two national experiences and unify them
in a joint narrative.”

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