The State of the 'Lobby'

John Mearsheimer, whose earlier comments with Stephen on the Israel lobby in the US brought forth a torrent of criticism of highly variable quality, now has this observation:
“Siding with Israel against the United States was not a great problem a few years ago: one could pretend that the interests of the two countries were the same and there was little knowledge in the broader public about how the Israel lobby operated and how much it influenced the making of US Middle East policy. But those days are gone, probably for ever.”

The rest of his commentary can be read in the London Review of Books
Whether or not the current imbroglio over new housing in East Jerusalem is just a ‘technical error’ (Netanyahu) or a symptom of something much deeper will probably take some time to play out.
It will also be interesting how Australia responds in the future as well (and the local lobby reacts) to Israeli actions.

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