Call for scepticism

HAMAS-02030.jpgSol Salbe had this letter published in today’s (Melbourne) Age newspaper.
IT IS a pity such a talented writer as Julie Szego applies her journalistic scepticism unevenly (Age Comment, 3/3/10). She correctly refuses to accept as proof circumstantial evidence presented by the Dubai police chief as to Mossad’s culpability for the murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. But she accepts as good coin what is said about Mabhouh.
It is not in dispute that he was a senior Hamas commander. But how could he have smuggled thousands of Iranian-made rockets into Gaza? The vast majority to have hit Israel were home-made Qassams. Had they been factory-made Iranian rockets with proper ordinances, they would have been more accurate and deadly. How could he have been involved in the use of children, or anyone else, as suicide bombers when he left the occupied territories before the first suicide bomber appeared on the scene, and spent most of 2003, one of the worst years for such bombings, in an Egyptian jail?
If Mabhouh was as important a villain to make him a legitimate target, why can’t I find any reference to him in this paper before his death? Why can’t I find any reference to him in the three main Hebrew dailies in Israel for the same 10-year period? Scepticism is called for in the claims of both sides.

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