Boycott Divestment & Sanctions: Chomsky says no, others say he's wrong.

bds.jpgNoam Chomsky opposes BDS on the ground that it is hypocritical and impractical. Supporting BDS only reinforces hardliners who support Israeli actions. He distinguishes between ‘feelgood’ and ‘do good actions’.
There’s a radio interview with Chomsky and a Palestinian response to his views on the American Voices from the Middle East. He takes on the idea of a unitary Jewish/Zionist lobby in the US. And probably, for the first time, he speak of an underlying’ethnic loyalty’ to Israel which rather upsets the interviewers, one of whom (Jeffrey Blankfort, an anti-Zionist activist) suggests he is really an AIPAC agent! It’s well worth listening to, despite some of the silliness. It gives some insight into various ideological splits in the USA.

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