More ammo for anti-Israelism

israel_flag.jpgThe infection of nationalism has long-affected the naming of places in Israel, with many Arab place names being changed to Hebraized versions after 1948. Of course, the spray-painting of signs in Arabic is a not unfamiliar site in Jerusalem.
Now it has been proposed to change the names of tram stops on the light rail in Jerusalme …so much for recognizing the diversity of a country (and mind you, the reality that parts of the line are in East Jerusalem, but that’s another story. One hopes that at least the bureaucrats in charge aren’t so stupid as to fall for this idiotic proposal from a linguistic expert whose politics have taken over the rational part of his brain.
Dr. Avshalom Kor, the expert on Hebrew grammar and semantics, whose name perhaps is a household word for his language corner on Israel Radio, is proposing Hebracizing the names of all 19 stations in Jerusalem’s new light rail, even in Arab areas and never mind any non-Hebrew landmarks nearby.

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