B’tselem and Peace Now (US) adress the UN: The Settlements

‘Illegal Israeli Settlements are obstacles to peace and the Two-State Solution’, heard members of the UN Security Council. In a powerful condemnation of Israel’s Settlement expansion policy, Lara Friedman of Peace Now (US), and B’tselem‘s executive director, Hagai El-Ad, addressed the UN last week in a session organized by The Permanent Missions of Malaysia, Egypt, Senegal, […]

The water conundrum of the Middle East:

By Timetraveller (pseud.) As populations of the Middle East become more urbanised and adopt Western-style living standards, the demands on the area’s water resources will become more immediate and desperate. Of 33 countries worldwide predicted to suffer severe water shortages by 2040 due to changing populations and life-styles, as well as the effects of climate […]

Social change in Israel Palestine: Gesher Le-Aravit (Bridge to Arabic)

Gesher Le-Aravit (Bridge to Arabic) is a grassroots Arab-Jewish project and a unique social change model, developed by four teachers in Jisr A Zarqa, the poorest Arab village in the country. The project offers Jewish Israelis from all over the country to learn the Arabic language and culture in an Arabic-speaking environment. To this day, more […]

“Plant Peace, Harvest Justice” / The Centre for Jewish Nonviolence

The following is taken from the campaign page of the Centre for Jewish Nonviolence: This summer, Jews from around the world are working with Palestinian and Israeli nonviolent activists to end the occupation and build a just future for all. We’re invited to stand in solidarity with Palestinians living under daily threat of displacement. Help […]

“Israel is moving to the Right but we don’t have to follow”

By Yael Winikoff, Sivan Barak and Linda Briskman. In New Matilda, 20/7/16. The Jewish community in Melbourne is known for its unconditional support of Israel, but as Israel increasingly shifts to the far right, are we too going down that path? Israel’s shift to the extreme right in policies and public sentiments even prompted public […]

“What I saw last Friday in Hebron”

By Peter Beinart. Published in Haaretz 19/7/16. Jawad Abu Aisha owns a cluttered yard in H2, the sector of Hebron that falls under direct Israeli control. He’d like to turn it into a cinema. Many local Palestinians — lacking recreational opportunities — would like to help him. But Abu Aisha says that Jewish settlers, and […]

Coexistence, normalisation and the struggle for Justice in Palestine and Israel

By Yael Winikoff. Journalist Omar H. Rahman has said “the topic (of normalisation) is reaching a fever pitch within Palestinian society.”1 The issue is most certainly pertinent in Palestinian discourse, at times very divisive, and clearly an issue relevant to AJDS’s stance on Israel/Palestine. Further to arguments and counterarguments around the normalisation debate, how can […]

Turning entire Palestinian villages invisible: the JNF’s “Canada Park”

By Umar al-Ghubari. Published June 19, 2016, in Haokets and at 972mag.com/turning-entire-palestinian-villages-invisible/120293/. The destruction and emptying of the Latrun villages took place 49 years ago this month. The Israeli army had occupied Imwas, Yalo and Beit Nuba on June 5, 1967, expelled the residents of all three villages to the Ramallah district and prevented them […]

Walking in the Elah Valley

By Timetraveller (pseud.)   Some decades ago I lived in Israel at a time when the country was less densely populated, when the annexation of the West Bank was such a new fact on the ground that the Palestinian population had not yet understood the real ramifications of this new reality.  Thus the hopelessness for […]

6 myths of the Left, by Idan Landau

Translated by Moriel Rochman-Zecher. Originally published at thelefternwall.com/2016/05/01/6-myths-of-the-left-by-idan-landau/ and in Hebrew at idanlandau.com.   The following analysis of the Left by Idan Landau is drawn from the Israeli context in which he finds himself, though as Moriel Rochman-Zecher points out, having translated it for his blog, The Leftern Wall, it is applicable elsewhere. *** You can relax: […]