Why are some Liberals still beating up on AusAid and World Vision? And why is the Jewish News reporting it?

Some Liberals are continuing to repeat accusations from the Israeli organization Shurat Hadin that Ausaid and World Vision has been funding a PLFP affiliated organisation. It appears that Eric Abetz and other Liberals have an agenda in supporting these claims..  The Australian Jewish News report is repeated on the Shurat ha-Din website (funny that it […]

Audio + Text : Andrew Hewett, Oxfam on Asylum Seekers and the Houston Report.

Andrew Hewett, CEO of Oxfam Australia: Asylum Seekers and Refugees.   Australia’s responsibilities and global instability”   Wednesday 5 September2012 Chair, Linda Briskman Andrew Hewett gave an incisive address about the failings of public policy towards asylum seekers in Australia. Attached is the formal text, but the audio in which he added extra and the audience added […]