‘We were once strangers’

By Robin Rothfield HOW should we Jews react to the worldwide refugee crisis? In light of the attacks in Paris, there are those who argue we should close our borders. The attacks resulted in around 130 deaths. This is horrendous and demonstrates the complete lack of respect for the sanctity of human life by the […]

Queer Palestine and gendered violence in Australian detention centres: interview with Jordy Silverstein and Sa’ed Atshan on 3CR

On October 18, 2015, Sa’ed Atshan, member of Al-Qaws, a Palestinian LGBT advocacy group, and Jordy Silverstein, executive member of the AJDS, were¬†interviewed on 3CR’s Queering the Air¬†about the queer Palestinian struggle, pink washing in Israel/Palestine, and gendered violence in Australia’s detention centres for refugees and asylum seekers. Listen to the full program here.

Limmud Oz 2014: Panel on Refugees and Asylum Seekers

By Harold Zwier, Robert Richter, Paris Aristotle, Robert Manne and Ralph Genende This is the transcript of a Limmud Oz session held at Monash University, Caulfield Campus, on Sunday 8th June 2014, on Asylum Seekers and Refugees. Organized by Harold Zwier, the session provided a forum for a broad discussion of a vexed issue that […]