Leave :: Zaina Alsous

(originally published in Asian American Writers Workshop) A hijacked plane in 1969 lands in Damascus. This means a plane was unable to fly away, to Tel Aviv. I read about the incident in the autobiography of Leila Khaled.This book is out of print. This means it is difficult to find her first hand account in text […]

What does the Nakba mean to Jews :: Yael Winikoff

Yael Winikoff is the AJDS community organiser.This year marks 70 years since Israel became a fledgling nation-state.  In our communities we have seen celebrations marking Israel’s 70 years, and commemorations of 70 years since the Nakba.  And challenging conversations in between.  This year I noticed that the term Nakba is most commonly prefaced with “to […]

The Nakba and anti blackness :: Noura Erakat

Noura Erakat is a Palestinian American legal scholar, human rights attorney, activist and writer. She recently visited Australia on a speaking tour for the Edward Said memorial lecture. This article is accessible on her website. Reproduced with the authors permission, originally published in the Nakba files. Image Credit: Jaafar Ashtiyeh.The Nakba marks a momentous rupture in the […]

Books: A Palestinian Tale :: Larry Stillman

Larry Stillman is an academic who trained at Hebrew University and Harvard.  He leads a community development project in Bangladesh with Oxfam.This is an edited version of the original article published in Arena magazine, 2012, Issue #120.Photo (Above): Private collection. In this photo, George Khamis is standing on the far left, with Khalil Sakanini sitting […]

Just Voices Magazine : Israel / Palestine 1948

This issue of Just Voices is on the theme of the 70-year anniversary of the birth of the state of Israel. The creation of this ‘state for all Jews’ is something that has been widely celebrated amongst global Jewish communities. But as we are seeing a growing number of us dissenting and questioning Israel’s human rights abuses and policies of occupation today, we look back through history to this year, 1948, and the ways that Israel’s beginnings are woven into its political and social structures.

AJDS rejects Andrew Bolt’s White-Supremacist attack

In yesterday’s Herald Sun, and syndicated to the Daily Telegraph, Andrew Bolt wrote an outrageous smear on migrant, ethnic, and racialised communities around Australia. We at the Australian Jewish Democratic Society couldn’t be angrier at what he said about us, and about others.In this piece, Bolt argues that migrant communities are not assimilating and thus are […]

Open Conversations

Open conversations runs parallel to Limmud Oz, which offers a wonderful array of presentations on all things Jewish. However some voices are excluded, as the Limmud Oz programming policy maintains the position to deny a platform for individuals who support BDS. This is why the AJDS are hosting open conversations – there are speakers who […]

AJDS responds to JCCV statement to affiliates

1. On the situation in GazaOver the last week, the JCCV has released a statement on facebook, and then via email to affiliates, regarding the AJDS and our response to the recent events in Gaza. An article has subsequently appeared about this in the AJN on June 7th.As we note on our website, “while we […]

AJDS Statement on the massacre of Gazan protesters.

This past week has been a week of horror in Palestine and Israel.Marking 70 years since the Nakba of Palestinians, the week has seen the continuation of the Great Return March by Palestinians in Gaza, and the indiscriminate killing of some 60 people by Israeli snipers and tear gas and wounding over 1000 others. The […]

The differential impacts of colonialism across race and whiteness

Anastasia Kanjere is a white settler scholar, writer and activist born and raised on stolen land in Narrm.  Hit me up on twitter at @a_kanjere Colonisation hasn’t, and doesn’t, impact people along binary dimensions. In so-called settler colonies, it’s common to use the binary of settler/First Nations as a rough way of distinguishing who has been […]