‘We were once strangers’

By Robin Rothfield HOW should we Jews react to the worldwide refugee crisis? In light of the attacks in Paris, there are those who argue we should close our borders. The attacks resulted in around 130 deaths. This is horrendous and demonstrates the complete lack of respect for the sanctity of human life by the […]

Julie Bishop on Palestinian house demolitions and Susiya

In September 2015 the AJDS wrote a petition to end Palestinian house demolitions in Susiya and the West Bank. Read about and sign our petition here. In response to our request that the Australian government act to stop this injustice, Julie Bishop wrote to the AJDS on November 18: …Thank you for your letter of October 2015, attaching […]

Pictures from our annual dinner

Last night’s 2015 annual dinner and fundraiser for the Australian Jewish Democratic Society at the fantastic Arabesque was a full house and a great success. Thank you to the hard working staff and executive members that volunteered to make it happen. It was great to so many members and supporters. Shen Narayanasamy’s talk was inspiring, as she shared […]

Jews for Climate Action at the People’s Climate March

Thank you to the dozen who walked under the Jews for Climate Action banners at the People’s Climate March in Melbourne on Friday (25/11/2015). The rally drew an estimated 60,000 people in an unprecedented call to action from the government. AJDS executive member Sivan Barak described it as ‘Gathering the wondering Jews in Melbourne CBD, uniting across […]

AJDS Environment Policy

  Background We are living at a time of unprecedented biophysical crisis. Human civilisation is facing a perfect storm of problems driven by climate change, environmental destruction and pollution, biodiversity loss and resource depletion, all of which are intensifying global socio-economic and regional problems. Two centuries of exploitation of readily accessible energy resources have facilitated […]

Acknowledgement or Appropriation?

By Larry Stillman Acknowledgment of Aboriginal presence and identity continues to be a difficult and controversial issue.  Despite formal acknowledgements such as “welcome to country” statements, or the flying of the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander flags, it is hard to know how deeply and in what ways an understanding of what contemporary indigeneity affect […]

Antisemitism in the Left and other racial issues for Jews

This post includes excerpts from April Rosenblum’s “The past didn’t go anywhere: making resistance to antisemitism part of all of our movements” (2014), available here. Posting excerpts from this document has been permitted, so as to promote a discussion of antisemitism. All excerpts from Rosenblum’s paper have been indented and appear in green. The AJDS provides a […]

Why Israel? A look at Israel and UN bias

By Leah Goldman (pseudonym) When discussing topics around Israel one of the common questions one hears is “why is the whole world so concerned with Israel?”  This is often accompanied by the opinion that antisemitism has reared its ugly head in blanket condemnation and hatred for the State of Israel.  Putting aside the history and […]