Raising money towards a camcorder for the AJDS: a fundraising drive

The AJDS often hosts unique events and gatherings, attended by a diverse crowd that gathers to talk in ways otherwise unavailable. We cherish these moments and always try to keep a record of each as best we can – notes, pictures, and recordings. For this reason, we call upon our members and supporters to dig deep and if possible, spare a few dollars towards our camcorder fund. Whatever you can give will go a long way, guaranteeing that what we do is kept on record for posterity.Image result for funny video recording equipment Founder of the Lesbian Herstory Archives, Joan Nestle, has said that “the AJDS archives inhabit a contested field of memory,” insisting that we must be able to properly record our organisation’s work, in order to contest the exile space dismissively allotted to us as a supposedly radical voice. To donate money, follow the instructions on this page, making sure to clearly state camcorder fund before you complete your transaction, or let us know about it by email. If you have some equipment you would like to donate to the AJDS, get in touch with us here. If you have some wisdom in this area and wish to share it, please get in touch.   Every bit helps.
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