Statement about the Greens withdrawal from candidates forum

Greens VS Zionism Victoria
Stephanie Hodgins-May’s campaign poster. Image found here.
The Australian Jewish Democratic Society (AJDS) is disappointed that Greens candidate for Melbourne Ports, Stephanie Hodgins-May, has decided to withdraw from the candidates forum organised by the Australian Jewish News and Zionism Victoria (ZV). While Hodgins-May may disagree with the politics of these groups – she has specifically mentioned ZV’s attitude towards the United Nations as the basis for her withdrawal – we feel that it’s important that local candidates be prepared to address and engage with audiences in their electorate. Her decision to withdraw has the very real possibility of drawing attention away from the important local and national policies on which this election should be decided, which is a disservice to the electorate. This statement was issued by the AJDS June 11, 2016
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  1. Ann E Fink - June 23, 2016 Reply

    It was with great reluctance that I voted for Stephanie Hodgins -May this morning in Tel Aviv. I have corresponded with her and although she complains about Michael Danby and Owen Guest’s refusal to meet with her, she would not answer my query about why she had refused to appear with them when given the opportunity to do so. If she thinks that boycotting an event that is sponsored by Zionism Victoria is in any way helpful to the Palestinian people, she must be very naive or ignorant or just plain stupid. This action shows she lacks both courage and commitment to the role of a politician. She had a chance to engage, confront and challenge the lies and propaganda the other candidates promote on so many platforms and in the media.

    I voted for Stephanie Hodgkins-May out of desperation. To my mind, the worst problem Australia has at the moment is that of the detention camps, Nauru and Manus Islands, and the status of asylum seekers. No party or candidate in Melbourne Ports other than the rather weak statements by the Greens appears to address this issue as far as I could see.

    My vote was a protest against the inhumanity of both Liberal and Labour policies.

    Ann E Fink

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