Israel’s transparency law

In yet another move to undermine democracy in Israel, the Netanyahu-led government has recently passed a transparency law (also called in Hebrew the organisations bill). Initiated by the Justice Minister, Ayeled Shaked, the law is ostensibly aimed at enabling government access to information about all NGOs funding sources and government affiliates.
Israel’s transparency law’s fanboy, Benjamin Netanyahu
Given the Israeli government’s growing passion for isolating, demonising and ultimately deactivating the Left in the country, the bill should clearly be recognised as a legislative move to weaken the opposition. This is most definitely not democratic. It serves only to demonise human rights organisations while enabling their nationalist counterparts to thrive. Likened by some to a witch hunt, or the demand to wear a yellow star in the Knesset, this and related persecution of activists recently serves not only to infuriate human rights activists everywhere, but also draw out expressions of solidarity from those who’ve so far kept silent. You can watch the following report on the ABC’s 7:30 Report on the transparency bill and in particular the way in which it is connected with Breaking the Silence. To watch the report, click here: Read more about this attack on free speech here.
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